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The Eugene Peterson Center for Christian Imagination

Our Guiding Prayer

God, give us eyes to see the wideness of your world, shimmering with beauty and holiness.

Stimulate our imaginations, infusing us with courage and hope.

Surround us with friendship.

Plant us as seeds of resurrection.


About the Center

Eugene’s life, his books and sermons, prayers and friendships, hummed with one basic, unwavering theme: God. The pastor’s essential responsibility, Eugene insisted, was to stand amid our confused, restless world and speak one word: God. Prayer exists as our soul’s mother tongue because it is directed to God. Poets and novelists, carpenters and musicians—artists of every sort—are necessary guides because with every sentence, brushstroke or cut of the saw, their creativity (whether they recognize it or not) point us to the origin of all beauty.

This is why we must nurture our Christian imagination, expand our capacity to see God as the one luminous flame alight in every place, every word, every work. With God as the burning center, we are restored toward our true humanity. Immersed in the Triune God, we become more human, not less. Genuine friendship. Raucous laughter. The mercy of tears. The thunderclap of Scripture. The sacredness of every human story. The delights of food and craft and sunsets over the mountain ridge. Holiness and humanness intertwined.

Eugene lived as witness to this God, witness to this way of life. And we hope to bear witness as well.

Housed within the community of Western Theological Seminary (Holland, MI), the Eugene Peterson Center for Christian Imagination serves as curator for Eugene’s papers and archives. Winn Collier serves as the director for the Peterson Center.


Doctor of Ministry through the Peterson Center

The Peterson Center hosts DMin cohorts providing generous space for extended immersion in questions related to pastoral fidelity and Christian imagination. Our current cohorts are Holy Presence: Eugene Peterson and the Pastoral Imagination and The Sacred Art of Writing.

A Burning in My Bones, The Biography of Eugene Peterson

The authorized biography of Eugene Peterson, written over four years—while sifting through scores of interviews, private diaries, and thousands of letters, tells the story of a very human man whose life was consumed with holy love.

Holy Presence: A Pastoral Vision

Written by Winn Collier in The Journal

“Pilfering through the cabinets at Christ Our King Presbyterian’s library, I found boxes of cassette tapes affixed with old, wrinkled labels chronicling decades of Sundays when Eugene was their pastor. I carried several home…”


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